Sunday, October 30, 2011

Writing my way!

I am very particular about how I write. I need to be in my upstairs living room which is the perfects size for me to spread out all my work. I also have this one spot on the couch in my living room that I have to sit at. I sit there because the rays from the sun seep through my window and hit exactly that spot. When I am sitting there I feel warm and I do not need a sweater or a blanket like I usually do in my house. My house happens to be very cold. This spot also gives me a view right in front of my house and that way I can look outside to see animals running outside, because we live in front of woods.

When I was writing this paper I was sitting on my favorite spot and I had my essay in front of me with my favorite black gel pen and a notebook. We were suppose to type this essay but I personally am a big fan of actually writing out my writing. It is called writing for a reason. I love the sound of a pen scratching on a piece of paper. I love how handwriting is not perfect and uniform like on the computer. I love how mistakes are shown in writing. Sure it is easier to just type out your paper, but to me it is not the same, it is completely different. My writing is more seriously when I type it.

When I sat down to write my paper the first time I wrote 12 pages. I proof read it, quickly got up, went to the trash can, ripped out every single page, and I threw them out. My first attempt at writing this essay was horrific. I felt completely disgusted by it. That essay we read, "Shitty first drafts," completely summed up my essay. Except mine was worse. The second time I wrote my essay it turned out much better. It was readable. I typed it up and left it for 2 days. By the time I came back to read it I could barely remember what I had written. This allowed me to read it from a new angle.

Rereading. Revisions. Rewriting. I did this so many times I can barely remember what my first draft even looked like. When I revise I usually read my essay out loud. Sure I sound crazy talking to myself, but it is the only thing that works for me. I hate rereading certain things, unless it is for fun. I usually zone out. Therefore when I read out loud it allows me to comprehend what I am reading. Yet even though I worked for a very long time on my essay I could have still revised it more and more. And more.


  1. Okay, first: Did you actually write this at 3am? :)
    I think it is so cool that you write out your essays. With a pen and pencil, I mean. I could never do that because I would end up drawing pictures of random things instead of actually doing my work!

  2. Wow, I love how your process is the same every time. I'm sure that helps. I also read my paper out loud, so don't worry, your not the only one that sounds crazy.