Sunday, October 2, 2011

Obama Speech!

So I looked everywhere for the Obama Speech but I couldn't find it, so i watched the speech from 2 years ago. In this speech he began by talking about his own personal experience and how he had not gotten a normal education. He had gotten part of his education in a different country where his mom taught him. Obama related his own personal experience to ours because he said he knew how it felt to get up early and not want to learn.
He also talked about our responsibilities. Not just the students responsibilities but also the parents. The parents should encourage the students to learn, and not just sit at home watching T.V and playing XBox.
He used a lot of logos and pathos in this speech. He talks about how education will allow you to succeed. If you succeed you may possibly change the world and make it better for everybody. He talks about how he had not done as well as he should of in school, or even could have. How he did not have the same opportunities as some kids. He relates that to those kids that have gone through some difficult problems in life just as he had. Obama also uses specific examples of people that pushed through difficult parts of their lives and end up with a great life.
Obama's speech was very motivational and made me want to try even harder. Not just in school but in life. To do whatever I can to make the world better.

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