Sunday, September 25, 2011

Those horrible Jim Crow Laws.

When I was reading these Jim Crow laws I actually felt sick to my stomach. How could people act that way? What made them think that they were better than anyone else? I knew that it had happened but I had never really learned the gory details. I never thought to hard about it, but now it seems way to realistic for me.
Then I thought why should we be so critical? What makes us better? We are still at war and killing innocent civilians.  There are people that are starving in the world and we usually only do the bare minimum. Yet just because we have moved forward in one area, racism, does not mean that we should consider ourselves to be superior to them. What we do today is also horrible. Back when the Jim Crow Laws were first created it was normal for these things to happen. They were part of society. Even if we see it as barbaric now. What will people say about us in 100 years? Society will always grow, and change, and evolve but its not possible to have a utopian society, it never will be. So don't judge what other people do until you look at what you are doing first. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Words? -Brendan Gill

As I read this story I thought of how confused I had felt when I was younger. Until I was 8 years old I didn't eat finger sandwiches. My mom would make them for parties and I would stay as far away as possible from the kitchen while hiding my fingers. As I watched people eat them I felt disgusted. I would think to myself, "Who eats fingers?" Homophones confused me more than anything. Not knowing exactly what they were when I was five or six I quickly became confused. I would read letters that began with "Dear, Ashna," and would feel offended. Why are they calling me a deer? Im not a deer! My mom would have to explain to me that "deer" and "dear" had completely different meanings. I understand completely why the author chose writing over architecture. The english language is so complex and so meaningful. There is never one definite answer like there is in math. Brendan Gill seemed to like that even though it may be confusing at first, words could be used in many different contexts. His tone seemed to display excitement and amusement! This story really spoke to me because I understood exactly what he meant about words. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why do I write?

When I write I feel free. I feel as though I can truly express myself. As I write I am able to completely share my thoughts. feelings. and emotions. Writing allows me to completely express myself. I am completely free as I write. I let myself write and write only what I am thinking. This allows me to shows my raw emotions and feelings. It may not be perfect the first time but it still allows me to feel happy. When I am writing I am sure that there are no rules, guidelines, or restrictions. I am allowed to write exactly what I want without being afraid of what others will say or think. I have a journal that I keep and record my thoughts everyday. This journal sometimes allows me to vent my feelings, so that I don't bottle them up. Other times I have to force myself to write because I know that when I write in it every day I will become a better writer. Whether I write to vent my feeling, or because I am forcing myself to write, I know that in the end I am happy with what I have created. It may have many mistakes in it or it may be perfect, but either way I know that I have created it and that is what makes me happy.