Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why do I write?

When I write I feel free. I feel as though I can truly express myself. As I write I am able to completely share my thoughts. feelings. and emotions. Writing allows me to completely express myself. I am completely free as I write. I let myself write and write only what I am thinking. This allows me to shows my raw emotions and feelings. It may not be perfect the first time but it still allows me to feel happy. When I am writing I am sure that there are no rules, guidelines, or restrictions. I am allowed to write exactly what I want without being afraid of what others will say or think. I have a journal that I keep and record my thoughts everyday. This journal sometimes allows me to vent my feelings, so that I don't bottle them up. Other times I have to force myself to write because I know that when I write in it every day I will become a better writer. Whether I write to vent my feeling, or because I am forcing myself to write, I know that in the end I am happy with what I have created. It may have many mistakes in it or it may be perfect, but either way I know that I have created it and that is what makes me happy.

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