Sunday, October 23, 2011

Major Movie Madness

This weekend my friend and I decided we were going to create a free one month netflix account and watch as many movies as we possibly could! We had a plan, go through the new releases and if either of us likes the cover to a movie we would watch it. Sure your not suppose to judge a book by its cover but to be honest, we really did not want to read the summaries for the movies. Bad idea.

Ever read part of a book and regret opening it? Well almost every time we played a movie we instantly regretted it. Sure there were some good movies, such as Avatar, Picture Perfect, and Tron Legacy. Yet somehow every other movie we picked we had to stop playing it before one of us pulled our hair out from frustration at the horrible plot.

One of the movies we watched was called Kissing Cousins, somehow we both failed to acknowledge the title and decided to watch anyways. 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. Also the movie Parenthood, in the first 10 minutes me and my friend had completely zoned out and changed it. The plots were both so cliched and the acting was so mediocre, I sometimes wonder how these movies even got played in the theaters.

I can't even remember the rest of those movies because I have mentally blocked the titles and the few minutes that we attempted to watch them. Sure I love watching bad movies once in a while but these movies made the bad ones look good! Well one good thing came out of this, I learned to always read the summaries!

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