Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stupid Googling!

So I've been sitting here for the past 2 hours trying to think of something to write about. Sure enough I ended up on Google. I feel like I use Google too much now. I Google things that are pointless and stupid. Things that should not be googled. So I googled "Interesting things to blog about" and I came across blogs talking how you should be creative and fun! Well I am for sure not creative. So i decided I would do just start writing (Like friday free writes) and see if I could find a topic! Sure enough I did and then I googled it.

I Googled "Stupid things people google." Of course. This is the link that I came across. I loved it. It may have been because it was midnight and I was really tired but I really could not stop laughing! Here are some of my favorites:

How do you break up with her without her knowing?

I'm sure someday she'll realize it...

How many Moonstones can you get?

How many Moon Trips have you been on?

What Size is her Finger?

6. No 5. No wait, 7. Maybe 8?

Ugliest, Cheapest Engagement Rings

Who are you Marrying???

I also came across this link. Some of my favorites on this site were:

Nope. Of course they don't eat.

Nope. Of course they don't eat.

Where do you live???

Obviously they speak english, so how do they not know this?

I dont even know what to say to the person that wrote this.

I used to think that I googled stupid things. I feel a little tiny bit better about myself now. Ok lets be honest I feel A LOT better about myself.

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  1. I love this. The googling thing is pretty great. People are so stupid it amazes me that they would even think of these things.

    This is my favorite part:

    How do you break up with her without her knowing?

    I'm sure someday she'll realize it...

    There is some very wishful/stupid guy out there wondering how he can avoid hurting a girl...and I pity this person.