Sunday, November 13, 2011

Those darn computers!

So I cannot sleep at all, due to my cousins obsession of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He got it this week and has been playing it non stop ever since. Except now it is 3:30 a.m. and it's really annoying. Sure its a fun game, but I need to sleep, especially since I have to drive home for 4 hours tomorrow. Alone. Anyways since I am still up I thought I would finish my homework.

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Some people say that computers have led to a loss of personal privacy because now people can track us, every minute of every day. Sure it may be an invasion of privacy, but that comes with the territory. Its also very helpful. It can help solve tons of crimes and investigations. Since computers can track many things about people, it makes it much easier to track down those people that are criminals or are missing. Life is easier with technology, even if it takes away some of your privacy. But what would you rather have? A life with privacy that is very unsafe, or a life that is safe but you give up some privacy?

There is a distinction between people that can afford computers and those that cannot. Technology has prevailed in our modern society and is necessary now. Yet since technology has become so widespread it is easier to obtain and cheaper in many cases. It doesn't cost 2000 dollars for a computers anymore. Sure some computers it may cost that much, but it is easy to have access to cheaper computers. Also it is not necessary to have a computer, there are plenty of people without computers that are living happy lives.

Plagiarism is a growing problem in technologically advanced countries. I feel as though computers has led to the ability for people to plagiarize. I feel as though there are many solutions out there already, such as the plagiarism checkers and stuff. It allows people to check if others are illegally copying and cheating.
*This doesn't relate to my response but I remember hearing a story from somebody about a student that copying an essay online word for word and turned it in. This student was not very bright and did not check who wrote the paper because it was a paper the teacher had written and put online.

Pornography, slander, and vilification are all problems that are growing because of the use of computers and the internet. I feel as though it comes with the territory of internet. It is always going to have things that are not wanted. It is a problem, but there are many solutions that are already in place. If we amplified these solutions it may be helpful also. For example, making sure nobody under 18 can view porn, or anybody that slanders or vilifies others is reported.

There have been ongoing efforts to censor the web and I feel as if that is something that should be done so some extent. There should be some censorship, especially for younger children, but I believe that as the children get older they should have the ability to surf the internet freely. There should not be a censorship on the internet completely. I feel as though it is the parents job to put a censorship on the computers.

The internet has become controlled by multinational corporations but I feel as though it would not work without these companies. Sure they may have a lot of power, but without them the internet would be very different. That should be taken into account. I personally like the internet exactly how it is and I would not want it to change.

Technological advancements are imminent in modern society. If that involves technology that translates spoken words to print, personally I believe it can make my life much easier. Therefore I am completely fine with it.

Print is dead? I read this in the article and I was actually rather confused. I don't believe print is dead. I personally love books. The smell of new book and the yellow pages of old books. When people began to read you books I do not think it is very good. I feel as though even though this technology may be helpful to some, it is not something everybody likes, therefore it will not be very powerful.

I personally hate newspapers. I have no clue why but they are just not something I like. When I want to hear about the news, I will watch T.V., or check online. That's it.

We have all heard that stereotype that kids that are home schooled are socially awkward. It is so not true, I know a lot of kids that are home schooled but have better social skills than most people. Personally if somebody does not wish to interact with others and rather just stay home, that is their choice. It is a free country. They should be allowed to do what they want to.

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